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CD Welcome to the Klang website CD
... rare and unusual music from around the world

Klang is a small music distributor specialising  in rare and unusual music from around the world - music that's not easy to find in the average high street record store.

We specialise in selling TRIKONT RECORDS, the oldest independent label for roots music in Germany, as well as offering some other items of interest.  

When you see the 'Hear Extract' link you can click on it to open a new window to hear an extract from the CD. You may like to keep on screen the window of any CD you want to order so as you have its details available for the order form.

Single CDs - £12-99, Double CDs - £ 15.99 plus postage & packaging.
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1 CD = £ 1-00, 2 CDs = £1-30,3 CDs or more = free.

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CD New Releases CD


Trikont CD US-392


"A brandnew compilation by Jonathan Fischer for his
Series of BLACK RADICAL MUSIC published by Trikont
 Compiled by: Jonathan Fischer

Digipak + detailed Booklet in English & German

“Long before Elvis rolled his pelvis, the Rolling Stones coopted the Mississippi-Blues and legions of white bands made their electrified guitars roar, black Blues-, Gospel- and Jazz-artists had laid the cornerstone for the musical revolution, that would profoundly shatter the western world: Rock’n Roll. Much less known than their white imitators, nonetheless they produced the grittier originals: As performers, who combined the archaic drive of the Blues with Country-melodies and the feverish beat of black Gospel services, and pepped up African-sounding rhythms with electric amplification in order to please their audience and its steady hunger for new thrills and sound effects. Besides well-known names like Chuck Berry, Howlin’ Wolf or Bo Diddley, the compilation “Roll Your Moneymaker” also honours many unjustly overseen Rock’n Roll-pioneers: From gospelsinger Rosetta Tharpe to Jimi-Hendrix-idol Johnny Guitar Watson, from Ike Turners early Rockabilly-blueprints to the Doo-Wop-Rock of Ruth Brown. Besides dazzling musicians as Magic Slim, Andre Williams, Big Maybelle, Rufus Thomas, Lazy Lester, Etta James and Jesse Stone."

featuring o.a.: Ike turner, Howlin' Wolf, Etta James, Snakey Jake, Lazy Lester, Rufus Thomas, John J. Moses, Andre Williams, Ruth Brown, Bill Davis Trio, Big MayBelle, Johnny Guitar Watson, Slim Harpo. Otis Rush, Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Bo Diddley, Billy The Kid emerson, Magic Sam, Chuck Berry, Jesse Stone, Joe Tex, Junior Parker

Various Artists - La Paloma, Vol. 5

Trikont CD US-327

"I strongly approve a project started by the Trikont record label, surely the only commercial organisation on earth with offices in Munich and Hebden Bridge, to release a seires CDs featuring nothing but recordings of LA PALOMA. So far, four CDs have brought us, from memory, 108 LA PALOMAS. I hope there are more to come." JOHN PEEL, Radio Times, 2001. The legendary Radio-DJ played for half a year one song from the four Volumes of 'LA PALOMA' in every of his radio shows on BBC, Radio One.

THIS IS 'LA PALOMA' NO 5 - Songs from the film

featuring a.o. Makame Faki, Los Jovenes Del Cayo, Harry Koizumi, Ahmed Zahir, Regina Box, Eugenia Leon, Live in Peking, Trio Universal, The Humpbacks.

Various Artists - La Paloma, Vol. 6

Trikont CD US-328

La Paloma: no other piece of music has ever been interpreted, arranged, printed or played as often as La Paloma. And the number of recorded versions can only be guessed, we know of a little more then 2000 different ones, but the total amount presumabely would be at least twice as much.
It might be difficult to find a person in the western hemisphere, who would not recognise this notorious melody, but even in places like Japan, India or China La Paloma represents something like a (rather concealed) worldwide musical common denominator.
Although sung as often as no other song, La Paloma lived a life of strange obscurity, became something like a folksong in countries as diverse as Hawaii, Mexico, Germany and Zanzibar, and almost secretly accompanied the history of popular music for almost 140 years. Like many other songs it was almost played to death during the 60s and 70s, appearing on countless cheaply produced easy-listening albums, discredited by boring arrangements and faceless production. But it remains a fascinating fact (one of many concerning the history of this song) that La Paloma intrigued artists at home in so many different musical worlds whether it be Tango, Jazz, Pop, Opera, Twist, Surf, Contry, Reggae and Rock. What other piece of music may link Hawaiian slide guitar, Benjamino Gigli, Elvis, Charlie Parker, German "Schlager", Dean Martin, Chinese musicians, street singers in Paris and even the Callas, to name but a few?
All over the world, La Paloma seems to capture the musical daydreams of humming, whistling and singing people. Its text might vary from one country to another, still everyone seems to feel the basic contents: longing, loneliness, separation, love, reunion, sometimes death. Evoking images of the ocean, doves and islands, it serves as a tool to abandon oneís own closed world for the beautiful unknown, at least for a moment. But that is only one part of a possible explanation, why La Paloma is such an exceptional tune. Even considering the catchy melody that never seems to loose its basic charme no matter what style is taking care of it, the reason for this kind of both persistence and diffusion, unparalleled in the history of music, remains a mistery.s

THIS IS 'LA PALOMA' No 6 with 19 more great tracks

featuring a.o.

Laurel Aitken, Dead Brothers, Curd Jürgens, Artie Shaw, 3 Falkner, Al Melgard, Tony Astarita, Six Brown Brothers, Engelbert, Pepe Romero, Helen Merrill, Bob Wills, The Little River Two, La Joya de Guatemala


Trikont CD US-377

The are numerous musicians, singers, songwriters and rockbands who pick up the Christmas topic and compose something new or make their own version of a Christmas classic. Christmas knows both extremes - kitch and beauty, joy and sorrow.

featuring a.o Florence Dore, The Debonaires, The Enchanters, Jimmy Butler, Nacy White, Brenda Lee, NRBQ, Peter Bandit, The Twang, The Christmas Jug Band, Riff Rufin, Little Esther Phillips, Gatemouth Moore, Louis Prima, Coconami, Otto Lechner, Andrews Sisters


Trikont CD US-387

Most Christmas songs cause a kind of allergic reaction by its listeners. Not these tracks. They are anthems for alternative Christmas celebrations. Here are even more musicians, singers, songwriters and rockbands who pick up the Christmas topic and compose something new or make their own alternative version of a Christma classic.

featuring a.o. Clarence Carter, The Staple Singers, Binky Griptite, Booker T. & The MGs, Sons of Heaven, Big John Greer, The Voices, Marianne Dissard, The Waitresses, The Ramones, Coconami, The Flirtations, Carla Thomas, The Nic Nacs, Jimmy Whitherspoon, Ernest Tubb, Bill Monroe, Sonny Boy Williamson II, The Band.

LaBrassBanda - Habediehre

Trikont CD US-386

LaBrassBanda is an ensemble of five musicians from the lake Chiemsee in Upper-Bavaria. They have a powerful and extravagant sound - a mix of funk, soul, mariachi, punk, dub, polka, Gipsy and Balkan beats and tunes from their Bavarian homeland. All five musicians are highly skilled players, who can make people dance whereever they perform. What Fanfare Ciocarlia is for Roumania, LaBrassBanda is for Germany - the Kings of Brass!!!

Coconami: Coconami

Trikont CD US-385

Coconami are Miyaji and Nami - two Japanese stranded in Munich, Germany. They founded Coconami in 2006. Miyaji is playing his ukulele with virtuosity. Nami enchants with her singing and is playing ukulele, recorder and kalimba, too.
Coconami has left Rock ‘n’ Roll behind and simply wants to please in a pure and simple way. Two ukuleles, one vocalist - that's all! Nami twitters like a bird, just more beautifully. Miyaji swapped his electric guitar for a sweet-sounding ukulele. They play covers of song by the Ramones, Japanese and Hawaiiean songs plus Bavarian folk tunes - very sweet!

John Tchicai / Hans Joachim Irmler etc: Schlachthof-Session 2


John Tchicai / Hans Joachim Irmler / Jan Fride / Roman Bunka / Hanna Tuulikki / Aby Vulliamy / Chris Hladowski / George Murray  

Schlachtfest Session 2

Avant folkies, krautrockers and a free jazz pioneer 

Through the windows, a heron could be seen flying past and disappearing into the reeds on the banks of the river Danube. Inside the FAUST studio, located in an ex-paper factory in the small town of Scheer in Southwest Germany, three generations of musicians are gathered for a recording session of spontaneous improvisation. 
They came from all corners of the musical spectrum. The newcomers: avant folk improvisors from the ensembles Nalle and Scatter from Glasgow: Hanna Tuulikki (vocals), Aby Vulliamy (viola), Chris Hladowski (bouzouki), George Murray (trombone). Then the middle generation: the German Krautrock pioneers: Faust’s Hans Joachim Irmler (keyboards), Kraan’s Jan Fride (drums, percussion) and Embryo’s Roman Bunka (oud). They were joined by the ‘grand old man’ of the free jazz saxophone - a survivor of the 60s jazz revolution: John Tchicai, who had played with Archie Shepp and Don Cherry, in the New York Art Quartet and is heard on John Coltrane’s landmark recording ‘Ascension’.
The recording session took place in the Faust-Studio in Scheer, the day following the 2nd Schlachtfest, a small festival of experimental music. The 2006 festival took place in The Alten Schlachthofs - The Old Slaughterhouse - in Sigmaringen, Southwest Germany. The musicians who performed at Schlachtfest took part in the recording session. 
Each CD is presented in an individually printed cardboard cover by artist Berhard Maier.

Various Artists: Doom & Gloom
Early Songs of Angst and Disaster 1927-1945

The modern age, driven by science and technology, made a promise: to put an end to all the evils of the past, once and for all. At last mankind would be freed from the horrors of disease, fire, plague, drought, floods and earthquakes. But progress also produced new horrors. Mega-technology in transport, and a drive towards ever larger capacity and higher speeds unleashed catastrophes on a scale previously unknown. Now a railway crash, a blazing zeppelin or a shipping disaster could inflict not dozens, but hundreds or even thousands of casualties. In the 1920s and 30s a series of disasters created a climate of fear, affecting the psyche in a way similar to today, when wars, fanaticism, terrorism, natural disasters, global warming, bird flu, tsunami, hurricanes and tornados all contribute to a gloomy atmosphere of uncertainty and constant dread. Hillbilly and blues musicians in the 1920s and 30s expressed the general mood in a poignant way. They sang of catastrophes and disasters, whether far away or on their doorstep. They talked of the effects these events had on the lives of ordinary people; they described what happened when disaster struck, as seen through the eyes of the victims. Perhaps the articulation of these awful events in songs helped to ease feelings of despair, offering a crumb of comfort to those listeners dealing with the brutal reality.



BBC Radio 3
"DOOM & GLOOM on the wonderful Trikont label. They do so many good compilations and this is the latest." Charlie Gillett

VILLAGE VOICE, 28. August 2007
"Man, I almost didn’t want to remove this one from the plastic, such was my sweet anticipation: a picture of what is presumably the Hindenburg airship disaster on the sleeve; 24 songs (with none of this crap digital cleaning up of sound; but none of this crap ‘crackles and all’ stuff, either—pristine, in the right way) with titles like ‘When The Atom Bomb Fell’, ‘High Water Everywhere—Part 1,' ‘Sinking Of The Titanic’ and ‘School House Fire’ by artists like Bessie Smith, Charley Patton, Blind Willie Johnson and Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie. . . how could this even remotely, even possibly fail?. And how could anyone—any fan of music or of human suffering and pain, and furthermore loving a good tale well-spun within a song—resist an album like this once they’d stumbled across it? Don’t bother answering that: if you’re cynical ‘bout this, there ain’t no helping you." Everett True

THE INDEPENDENT, Andy Gill, 28. Sept. 07
"The notion of living on the eve of destruction may have reached its apogee in the Sixties, but apocalyptic fear was a popular interest long before then. Drawing together mostly pre-war folk, blues and country songs, Doom & Gloom confirms that bygone America was smitten by more than enough disasters to warm the heart of the most pessimistic balladeers. Floods were a notable feature, judging by the commentaries, the most notable being Charley Patton’s “High Water Everywhere” and Kansas Joe & Memphis Minnie’s “When The Levee Breaks”. Elsewhere, the downside of the era’s burgeoning prosperity was marked by the series of automobile accidents and train derailments favoured by early country acts such as Roy Acuff & His Crazy Tennesseans, whose “Wreck On The Highway” offers a textbook example of high-lonesome lamentation."

fROOTS, November 07
"Doom & Gloom is worth wallowing in." Jamie Renton.

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Variuos Artists: Motel Lovers
Southern Soul from the Chitlin Circuit

Names of superstars, who attract thousands of black families with folding lounge chairs and plastic coolers to their regular blues picnics and outdoor concerts in the city parks of Jackson, Mississippi or Birmingham, Alabama, hit makers, whose songs are played day in, and day out by local blues stations. Who cares if these names are scarcely recognized by a handful of people north of the Mason–Dixon Line? Who cares if they are completely ignored by national radio stations? Who cares if they are marginalized as so-called “Chitlin’ Circuit” phenomena by the media?
Their southern soul is more than just a regional variation of rhythm ’n blues. Much more: their music, like no other, represents the psyche of the Black American South – somewhere between Jesus and Staggerlee, Baptist church services and sex, the juke joint and the motel.

Artists included: Bobby Rush . Willie Clayton . Sir Charles Jones . Floyd Taylor . Dave Mack . Marvin Sease . Big Cynthia . Peggy Scott-Adams . O.B.Buchana . Sheba Potts . Bill Coday . Denise LaSalle . Lee Fields . Mr.David . Gwen McCrae . Jesse Graham . Barbara Carr . Mel Waiters

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Various Artists: In Prison
Afro-American Prison Music From Blues to HipHop

No country in the world locks up more of its citizens than the United States of America. Nearly half of the 2.2 million prisoners are African Americans - which equals four times the actual black population percentage. One out of eight African American men between age 20 and 35 is in prison: A circumstance, which has serious effects upon African American society and culture  - and not at last upon the topics of its music. When Angela Davis draws a historical line from slavery to the American justice and prison system of today, it was black popular music that always mirrored the experience of  racial discrimination and degradation, as well as fierce resistance and the will to survive. From the work songs of the chain gangs to the wails of imprisoned bluesmen like Robert Pete Williams, from the prison-soul of the Escorts to the enraged HipHop-accusations of Tupac Shakur ("16 on Death Row"), Brand Nubian ("Criminal Minded") or K-Solo ("Premonition Of A Black Prisoner").
Featuring among others Fred Mc Dowell,  Lifer's Group, Dead Prez, Curtis Mayfield, Bobby Womack, The Escorts, The Temptations, Akon, The Last Poets, Tupac Shakur, The Escorts, Robert Pete Williams, Nina Simone.

The Independent:
"The German company Trikont has for several years now assumed the mantle of the world’s leading archivist label, with excellent compilations on everything from American Immigrant Songs to John Peel’s 78 collection. IN PRISON is no exception, a fascinating survey of black prison music throughout the last century which switches smoothly between old blues, Seventies soul, prison moans and Nineties hip-hop. All killer, no filler, quite literally in this case."

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Various Artists: Mexican Boleros

It was music, which millions of Latinos fell in love to, found pleasure in and cuckold others to: The Mexican Bolero. The rise began in Mexico City's brothels, finding its prime in the Golden Thirties, when it conquered the whole continent with beautiful tear-jerking songs. The Amazonian jungle, the Argentinean pampas or the New York concert halls - everywhere the Bolero was paid homage to.
It was the soundtrack to innumerable melodramas and shot gun movies, today's Mexican TV Premiers would be unthinkable without its success.
Still Bolero tear-jerkers never were mass productions, but compositions comparable to cut and polished diamonds: delicious, crafty and precipitous.
For the first time TRIKONT makes some of these legendary, Mexican shellac recordings available from Germany: the wicked hits of the brothel composer Augustin Lara, the anthems of the "tropical queen" Toña La Negra, the dark laments of the "tenor of the continents" Pedro Vargas, the ingenious falsetto works of art from the guitar trio "Los Tres Ases" and the songs of many other faded superstars.
This compilation is a sound trip through the dance-halls, cabarets and gangster's dens of the sensual Mexico of the thirties, a trip through the emotional world of machos, masochists and love lunatics.

“Picture yourself in a Mexican brothel circa 1927. Over in the corner, a band is playing. Claves are languidly beaten, acoustic guitars strummed, muted trumpets blown, and a sharp suited man with a scar on his face sings of betrayal, adultery, insanity and despair. Welcome to the world of Mexican boleros, a form pioneered by this singer, Agustin Lara. Lara and his songs are well represented on this remarkable collection, alongside film star Pedro Infante, the bewitching harmionies of guitar trio Los Tres Ases and the star of the show, Tona La Negra, the ‘Goddess of the Tropical Bolero, with a beautiful song called Nocturnal.” Max Décharné, MOJO

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Various Artists: Sidewalk Songs & City Stories
New Urban Folk

Songwriting celebrates a comeback. Terms like "Neofolk", "Antifolk" or "Weird Folk" made the rounds for quite some time and have recently made a comeback. Whether you like it or not you will have to acknowledge that a new generation has taken over the microphone, whose aim is not to sound like another version of Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell. Their folk is hybrid and unorthodox using elements of free improvisation or the aggressiveness of punk, taking simple means of expression or create contrasts by mixing soothing melodies with drastic lyrics.

"Sidewalk Songs & City Stories" assembles artists, who represent an opposition to US mainstream, their big-city behome beginning differ clearly from any country nostalgia. Martin Buesser presents some forerunners of these new songwriters, who get mentioned again and again by the new generation as a big influence, including Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston. The majority of this compilation belongs to the still recent and partially unknown voices. It ranges from the absurd, neodadaistic collectives like Dufus and Huggabroomstik and the
touching melancholy contributions of Kimya Dawson and Jeffrey Lewis up to musicians like The Microphones and Animal Collective, which connect folk with electronics and free improvisation.

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Various Artists: Queer Noises 1961 - 1978
From the Closet to the Charts

"Featuring classics by Sylvester, the Kinks, and the Ramones alongside little known discoveries by Chris Robison, the Miracles and Curt Boettcher, Queer Noises tells the hidden history of gay pop music. Beginning in 1961 with drag queens and camp records on tiny labels, the compilation passes through mid sixties' pop, early seventies' soul and singer songwriters, glitter rock, and punk to end with Sylvester's 1978 "You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" - the first international hit by an out gay performer. The gay contribution to pop music has always been ignored and written out of history: with detailed sleeve-notes and track by track rundowns, as well as many period photos, "Queer Noises" tells the story of how gay music went from the closet into the charts." Jon Savage.

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Various Artists: Shtetl Superstars
Funky Jewish Sounds From Around The World

The young Jewish musicians, who are gathered on this compilation, belong to a generation which entered the scene after the klezmer revival of the 70s. They play punk and surf music, ska and reggae, hiphop and drum ’n’ bass, which they mix with ingredients of their own nationality. You can hear klezmer references, or quotes from evergreens from the era of yiddish swing, sounds of a market in Jerusalem or the chorus of a lullaby which was once sung to them by their grand parents. The lyrics talk about the joy and the difficulty to be a Jew. They are often sung in Yiddish or shouted in Hebrew or rapped in English or Russian.

“SHTETL SUPERSTARS enlists bands from all over Europe, as well as North America and Israel. There are plenty of klezmer twists in the 19 tracks, it’s just that they are unfused with North African Ladino, reggae and in, the oddest sample, glam rock. But whatever nuances the collected superstars bring to their sounds, this is all very much dance music, and it’s only on the last track, that things turn from the frenetic to the sombre.” MixedMedia

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Various Artists: Beyond Istanbul

Turkey is the hinge between Europe and Asia, the bridge between Occident and Orient. The turkish female star DJ Ipek Ipekcioglu from Berlin offers a fascinating overview of moods, development and sounds of the Turkish underground of today.
Exciting dance beats between East and West.

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John Peel & Sheila - The Pig's Big 78s
Trikont 0335
Trikont 0335

John Peel & Sheila
The Pig’s Big 78s - A Beginner’s Guide

A wild selection of 78-rpm records from John Peel’s collection. Extraordinary vintage music, chosen for Trikont by the legendary DJ and his wife Sheila - their favourties from his late nicht Radio 1 show.
22 weird and wonderful tracks ranging from English brass bands, schmaltzy dance music and yodeling, to early rock ‘n’ roll and traditional music from China and Africa. From comic football sketches to bizarre sound imitations. It’s a typical Peel-Mix, making us all too aware of the gap he left behind.

Includes an extensive interview with Sheila explaining why she and John chose these particular tracks. Her surprising stories and anecdotes, alongside personal photographs, reveal unknown aspects of their life together and put this idiosyncratic collection of records into context.

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Various Artists: Patchwork Europe

Europe is not one sound but many!!!
‘Patchwork Europe’ presents the traditional music of the old continent in all its diversity: from Ireland to Majorca, from Sicily to Norway and from Portugal to Russia. From these 26 rare historic tracks, recorded between 1911 and 1954, a tremendous polyphony unfolds: a wonderful musical patchwork of styles and traditions. 

“This is a delightful collection of scrubbed-up 78s, mostly from the 1920s and 30s. An accessible collection whose quality stays remarkably high throughout its 26 tracks.” Clive Bell, THE WIRE

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Creative Outlaws - US Underground 1962-1970
Trikont 0338
Trikont 0338

This anthology of the underground music of the 60s stays away from the well known, instead it presents the true history of American counterculture in its sometimes strange expressions of sounds and messages - a fascinating dive into an important part of modern history.

Artists included: Moondog, The Godz, MC5, Exuma, Blue Cheer, Pearls before Swine, Holy Modal Rounders, Tim Rose, Chamber Brothers, The Stooges, Tiny Tim, Country Joe.

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Mestizo Music
Rebelion en America Latina - Latino Ska, Cumbia, Hip Hop, Salsamuffin

Latin Ska, Cumbia, Reggae, HipHop, Salsamuffin and Manguebeat from Argentina,Venezuela, Mexico & Brasilia. People in Latin America are fighting against injustice and destructive globalization in their countries – for freedom and autonomy.This is their music!

Latin America is changing. A breath of fresh air is pulling itself from the stranglehold of the 80’s Military juntas. But the joy over their political liberties only lasted briefly. Debt and financial crises seized the countries and threw them into disorder. First was Mexico in 1994, then Ecuador, Brazil, Uruguay and finally Argentina. Capital investors left with the last of the countries financial reserves. Millions of people were robbed and at the same time the old, unfair land distribution took away any possibility for the people to make a living, making survival almost impossible.The strength of people’s resistance begins to rise and over the continent people
unite to start movements, which oppose the dictation of the IWF and World Bank. They argue, fight and sing for a policy, which brings the interests of the people to the forefront. They take the first steps into taking fate into their own hands.


1. Panteon Rococo – La Carencia
2 Sargento Garcia – Acabar Mal
3. The Platform – No al ALCA
4. Karamelo Santo – La Piquadura
5. Coffee Makers – Las Calles de Medellin
6. Mundo livre s/a – CNFS
7. Em Marrocos - Do respeito surge a paz –
8. Las Manos de Filippi - Los metodos piqueter@s
9. La Papa Verde - La Paloma de la Paz –
10.Desechos - Que se vayan todos
11.Sargento Garcia - Revolution 2004
12.Un Kuartito – Ilusiones
13.Abuela Coca – El ritmo del barrio
14.Amparanoia – Somos Viento
15.Bellavista Social Club – Reclutame
16.Mundo livre s/a – Marcha contra o muro do..
17.Hino do Movimento Sem Terra - MST

ANDY GILL, THE INDEPENDENT, 4 stars out of 5!!!!

"In Latin America popular music is still a political force. Subtitled 'Rebelion en America Latina', this latest excellent compilation from the German roots-archivist label gathers modern protest music from South and Central America: a fiery mix of Mexican Zapatista ska-punk, Colombian cumbia-rock, Uruguayan hip-hop and something called 'salsamuffin', not a spicy bun, but a salsa/ragga hybrid. It's not all Ricky Martin out there, thank God!"

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Paper Factory - Schlachtfest Session 1
Klangbad 2005New release

Paper Factory is:

Hans Joachim Irmler: keyboards, electronics (Faust) - Mike Svoboda: trombone, alphorn, drainpipe, conch shell (Stockhausen, Zappa) - Clive Bell: shakuhachi, khene, melodica (Jah Wobble, Bill Laswell) - Sylvia Hallett: violin, musical saw, sarangi (British Summertime Ends) - Mike Adcok - piano, accordion (Lol Coxhill)

PAPER FACTORY is the new band project of FAUST mastermind Hans Joachim Irmler. It is a international ensemble of instrumentalists from different corners of the centemporary music scene. The band incorporates free improvisation, electronica, experimental rock and new music avant garde.
The collective interactions move between electronic and acoustic sounds using often unusual instruments (like khene, shakuhachi, drainpipe, musical saw and conch shell) to created new and surprising soundscape which could be described as ambient improvisations. This is their first CD. It was recorded in the
Faust-Studio in July 2004.

This CD, with an individual printed cover by artist Bernhard Maier, is released in a limited edition of 500 on Faust‘s KLANGBAD label.
This is a jewel and a true collector‘s item.
Price: £ 13. 99 (+ £ 1 for p+p)

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Ear and Eye - Encounters with world music
A book and CD edited by Christoph Wagner
A book and CD: edited by Christoph Wagner with texts written by musicians including Robert Wyatt, Jah Wobble, Malcolm Jones (Runrig), Mauricio Kagel, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, Myra Melford, Ben Mandelson, Lol Coxhill and Arnold Dreyblatt.187 pages including 70 vintage photographs showing musicians from around the world; Text in English & German; plus a CD with 24 tracks of music from all around the world in early recordings.Price: £ 29.90 (including p+p)

“This is such a great idea and a wonderful thing to own. Very highly recommended.” Ian Anderson, fRoots

“Music journalist Christoph Wagner has compiled a fascinating illustrated book. It contains a collection of antique musical postcards from around the world, each accompanied by musings from prominent musical personalities. It also comes with a CD.” Songlines

“Most striking are the postcards themselves. This volume lovingly preserves a sense of what has been lost.” The Wire

For more detailed infomation click on the Ear and Eye link.

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Dirty Laundry

Black Americans are not only a large proportion of Country Music's listeners, but have also contributed enormously to the tradition. For outsiders it might seem that the Afro-American contribution started and ended with Charly Pride - they couldn't be more wrong!. If you take a closer look at the relationship between black artists and Country Music you'll find a great undiscovered world out there: Black Country.

Artists include: The Pointer Sisters, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Solomon Burke, Ella Washington, Joe Simon, Bobby Powell, Arthur Alexander, Candy Staton, Betty Lavette, Roscoe Shelton, Stoney Edwards, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Earl Gaines, Etta James, Johnny Adams, Bettye Swann, Freddie North, Otis Williams, Bobby Jonz, and more.

“From the wonderful Trikont, home to singing boxer and R&B preacher comps, comes this glorious soul-men-goin‘-country collection. Includes the ultra rare Jet Black Daddy by Andre Williams and 2 Star Tabernacle (w/Jack White). very cool!” MOJO

“All of the 24 tracks by soul recording artists here are fantastic.” Charlie Gower, NoWax

“Proving that country music is colourblind after all, a 24 track saunter through such Nashville perennials as Stand By Your Man, Almost Persuaded and Your Cheating Heart, all given the full soul treatment by the likes of Joe Simon, James Brown and Solomon Burke. A terrific introduciton to this largely forgotton world of black longing and heartache.”

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Cheatin' Soul -
And the Southern Dream of Freedom
US 0337

Another jewel of deep soul! 23 rare tracks put together and recherched by Jonathan Fischer - a must have!

Listening to one of the many local blues stations on a trip through the Southern States – from Baton Rouge via Jackson to Memphis and Nashville – it becomes clear after only a few songs, that the world consists of triangle love affairs. That nothing is sweeter than stolen love. And that the shortest way to heaven might lead you through hell. The voices of Bobby Blue Bland, Ruby Andrews, Clarence Carter and all the other heroes of Southern Soul basically all tell the same stories: In contrast to the contemporary representatives of silk-sheet-and-champagne-Rhythm ’n Blues, Southern Soul is still involved in moral questions such as guilt and repentance, remorse and revenge, hope and despair in the twilight of love. The singer wrestles with his demons, acting as a deputy for his audience. At first glance it may seem to be the eternal drama of unfaithfulness, estrangement and reconciliation: cheating and being cheated. But whoever wishes to reach into the deeper layers of Southern Soul will not only find despair in love but also some metaphysical aspects beneath: the experience of the Gospel, the long fight for personal and societal freedom swings between the lines. Even if the „materialistic nihilism“ (Cornel West) earmarks the Rhythm’n Blues mainstream of today - Southern Soul still delivers an alternative blueprint: a vision of man that is tragical and at the same time full of spirituality. Resounding with storylines that take their sex appeal from the Eros of real-life-drama, in all of its grisly detail.
Jerry Williams, who figured as producer and songwriter for many of the most dramatic triangle love stories of Soul said it outright: “Whoever didn’t experience at least one of those situations, would have to have lived the life of a nun, a pervert, a degenerate or a dead man”.

CHEATIN' SOUL - Tracklist

1) Janet & The Jays: Without A Reason
2) O.V. Wright: A Nickel And A Nail
3) Margie Joseph: Never Can You Be
4) Ann Sexton: I'm His Wife (You're Just A Friend)
5) George Jackson: My Desires Are Getting The Best Of Me
6) Joe Tex: I Wanna Be Free
7) Earl Gaines: Hymn No 5
8) Bobby Blue Bland: Rockin In The Same Old Boat
9) Jerry Washington: Right Here
10) Doris Duke: If She's Your Wife Who Am I
11) Ann Peebles: Feel Like Breaking Up
12) Bobby Blue Bland: You Wouldn't Treat A Dog
13) Clarence Carter: What Was I Supposed To Do
14) Ruby Andrews: I Don't Wanna Wake Up In The Morning
15) Sandra Phillips: Some Mother's Son
16) Jean Stanback: The Next Man
17) Margie Hendrix: Don't Destroy Me
18) Ann Sexton : I Still Love You
19) O.V. Wright: I Don't Know Why
20) Wendy Rene: After Laughter Comes Tears
21) Little Archie: I Am A Carpet
22) Mickey Murray: East Of Nowhere
23) Joe Tex: The Love You Save


THE INDEPENDENT 27.5.05, Rock & Pop

Various Artists
Cheating‘ Soul

(five out of five stars)

The soul archivist Dave Godin may have passed on, but Trikont‘s Jonathan Fischer has picked up the baton as regards quality deep-soul anthologies. The excellent latest collection is a sister compilation to his recent Dirty Laundry country-soul set, this time focusing on the classic Southern soul tradition of ‘cheating‘ songs. The full range of ethical spectrum is covered here, from the predatory adulterousness of Ann Peebles‘s ‘Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody‘s Home‘ through the other-woman misgivings of Doris Duke‘s ‘If She‘s Your Wife (Your‘re Just a Friend)‘; and from the bullish protective instinct of Clarence Carter, defending his territory in ‘What Was I Supposed to Do?‘, to the angry desolation of Bobby Blue Bland on the classic ‘ I Wouldn‘t Treat a Dog (the Way You Treated Me)‘.
The standard is high throughout, with two cuts apiece from headliners like Bland, Joe Tex and OV Wright, and one-off gems from the likes of Sandra Phillips, Janet and The Jays, Ruby Andrews and the former chief Raelet Margie Hendrix, putting her all into ‘Don‘t Destroy Me‘.
I‘m sure that there‘s really any need for Fischer‘s attempt to impose a wider socio-political context. The essence of cheating‘ soul is its intensely personal hurt. ANDY GILL


Another gem from the German label!


Cheatin’ Soul and the Southern Dream of Freedom is an exquisitely packaged collection of 23 Southern Soul numbers from genre luminaries such as Joe Tex, Bobby Blue Bland, and Ann Sexton. As the incisive article on the inlay explains, Southern Soul is conspicuously detached from the hollow, materialistic greed of contemporary Rhythm and Blues, and instead chooses to define itself by it’s very nature; this is Soul, dealing with matters of the Soul in a warm, considered, and vitally human manner. As such it is a treat to the ears, and the heart. (...) And despite being escorted through the varied and turbulent situations of the protagonists involved, you’ll be left with a warm, rich, and satisfying glow. Mark Lee


An excemplary collection of soul drama!

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Suburban Bucharest -
Mahala Sounds from Romania
Various Artists

SUBURBAN BUCHAREST unites magnificent voices and virtuoso fiddlers. It captures the old Lautari-Gypsy music of Romania. SUBURBAN BUCHAREST displays musical influences from Serbia, Turkey and the Middle East. The authorities see this music as polluting Romanian music and In the past few years, the improvised bars made of corrugated iron in the concrete-built suburbs of Bucharest have been torn down, taking with them the venues of most of the Gipsy Bands.

Bands included: Fanfare Ciocarlia, Romica Pureanu, Taraf de Haidouks, Maria Tanase, Dona Dumitru Siminica, Aurel & Victor Gore, Gabi Lunca, Faramitha Lambru, Rom Begale, Zavaidoc.

“An eye opener!”

            Charlie Gillett, BBC

 “One of the best discs I‘ve heard in 2004 - in any genre.”

Simon Broughton, Songlines

“Another superb compilation from Trikont, this time showcasing the effervescent gypsy music of Romanian capital Bucharest, a city composed of "hundreds of sprawling villages that have grown together." Charismatic singers abound: Romica Puceanu (died in 1996) has the skills of an Ella Fitzgerald, while Maria Tanase (from the 1930s) was more of a Judy Garland figure, bringing night-club flair to folkloric material. The muted trumpet of Costel Vasilescu is a high point, spinning dizzily over a wildly swung Hora wedding dance, clanked out by cimbalom, fiddle and fluttering accordion. The tension between traditional sounds and modern pop is endlessly renegotiated - godfather of gypsy pop Dan Armeanca sings both with his coolly modern group and the pumping brass of Fanfare Ciocârlia. Finally there's the exuberant filigree of Taraf De Haidouks, a group ignored in Romania until international acclaim propelled them into surreal situations such as modelling for designer Yoji Yamamoto.”

Clive Bell, THE WIRE

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Stranded in the USA -
Early Songs of Emigration
Various Artists
Trikont US-0301
Mass migration is a fundamental experience of the modern age.  Approximately 60 million people left Europe between 1800 and 1914. Most of them went to the United States, a country with enormous magnetism. All those people took their music with them to America. Record companies rapidly discovered artistic talent in the immigrant groups and soon these performers were called to the studios to make recordings. From the 1920s all the major American record companies produced recordings for more than twenty immigrant groups.

In their songs ethnic performers tried to come to terms with the experience of emigration: new challenges and new opportunities, culture shock, homesickness, unemployment, hope and frustration.

The sounds of the diaspora became the source of the popular music which emerged from America in the 1950s.  All this came together to make the new all-American pop music, that stretched from rock 'n' roll, modern country and folk music to soul, funk and rock. 

Artists included:  Pat White (Irish),  Hiski Salomaa  (Finnish),  Braca Kapugji Tamburitza Orchestra (Serbo-Croatian), Rita Abatzi (Greek), The Bamboo Orchestra w. Wilmouth Houdini  (Trinidadian),  Antonio Menano (Portuguese), Gene Wisniewski  (Polish),  Larry Alpert and the Eriv Yentiff Players (Jewish),   Gaytan y Cantu (Mexican),  Howie Bowe & His Little German Band  (German),  Leonardo Dia (Italian) ,Little Oscar Gang  (Norwegian), Milan Verni‘s Tamburitza Orchestra ( (Serbo-Croatian), Dimitris Perdicopoulos  (Greek), Arthur Kylander  (Finnish) , Conjunto Tipico Ladi   (Puerto Rican), Wladyslaw Polak  (Polish) , Pawlo Humeniuk (Ukrainian) and many more.

“A fascinating collection of songs of emigration, ranging from ‘I‘m leaving Tipperary‘ by Irishman Pat White via records by Finns and Puerto Ricans to a Greek tune, ‘ America, you ruined me‘.” 

The Observer Music Monthly

"As ever, America‘s musical heritage is more lovingly cared for outside its own shores than within its brusquely defended, security-seeking "homeland". Following up its frequent forays into obscure gospel, country, jazz and blues, the German label Trikont here offers a similarly fascinating survey of early emigration songs from the wide spectrum of European, Caribbean and Central American cultures that flowed into the country throughout the last century, many culled from old 78s.The 26 tracks constitute a collage of overlapping diaspora, from cultures as musically disparate as Ireland (Pat White‘s "I‘m leaving Tipperary"), Trinidad (Wilmouth Houdini‘s "Poor But Ambitious"), Puerto Rico (Conjunto Tipico Ladi‘s "A Puerto Rican Peasant in New York"), Switzerland (Hanns in der Gand‘s "Song of Homesickness"), Ukraine (Pawlo Humeniuk‘s "Ukrainian Wedding in America") and Greece (Rita Abatzi‘s "America, You Ruined Me") - an extraordinary tapestry of hope, loss, anticipation, homesickness, pride and disillusion. It‘s a portrait of an era when America was regarded as a haven for the world‘s dispossessed and persecuted, rather than as a pre-eminent agent of dispossession and persecution, and deserves to be heard over there as a timely reminder of the original melting-pot principles underpinning its culture."


“Librarians, ethnomusicologists, archivists, music lovers - take note. STRANDED is a goldmine that provides education and entertainment in equal measure. It deserves an award.” Gerald Seligman, Songlines
Gerald Seligman, SONGLINES

“As a snapshot of ‘world music‘ before the phrase was coined, it‘s fascinating.
Q MAGAZIN, August 05

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