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Ear and Eye - Encounters with world music
A book and CD edited by Christoph Wagner

A book and CD: edited by Christoph Wagner with texts written by musicians including Robert Wyatt, Jah Wobble, Malcolm Jones (Runrig), Mauricio Kagel, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, Myra Melford, Ben Mandelson, Lol Coxhill and Arnold Dreyblatt.187 pages including 70 vintage photographs showing musicians from around the world; Text in English & German; plus a CD with 24 tracks of music from all around the world in early recordings.Price: £ 29.90 (including p+p)

Contents of EAR AND EYE

Christoph Wagner: Picture Postcards and Shellac Records - The Genesis of the First Mass Media

39 essays by contemporary musicians and composers, each based on a particular vintage world music photographs:

Robert Wyatt: Bursting the Boundaries - Migrant Music in Spain

Charlie Mariano: Copy the Master - Music in South India

Charlotte Greig: Endlessly good and kind - English Harmonium Players

Mauricio Kagel: Bard with Guitar - Music from the Argentinian Country Side

Thomas Meinecke: Transatlantic Feedback - German Music in Texas

Pauline Oliveros: Rodeo in Houston - The Accordion Club of my Childhood

Jah Wobble: The One Note that fits - Music from Laos

Roman Bunka: Hookahs in the Coffee House - Music in Egypt

Terry Riley: The Spirit of the Past - Music in India

Mike Svoboda: Alphorn Turmoil

Christian Burchard: Nomad Musicians and Barbarians

Gerhard Stäbler: Sunny Japan

Fritz Hauser: Drumming Emotions

Rüdiger Carl: A Lesson about Music

Arnold Dreyblatt: My Great Aunt - The Veil Dancer

Toshio Hosokawa: The Become Buddha with One Note - Japanese Music

Mike Adcock: A Wedding in Hardanger - Norwegian Fiddle Music

Hartmut Geerken: Frozen Dance Step

Myra Melford: Living Music in India

Clive Bell: Messages to the Spirit World - South Asian Mouth Organs

Justin Adams: The Route of Trance - Gimbri Music of Morrocco

Ben Mandelson: Skiing in Madagascar - Experiences of a Record Producer

Joe Mogotsi: Melodies from Home - Sounds of South African

Malcolm Jones: Bagpipes versus Rock ‘n‘ Roll - Scottish Folk Music

Lol Coxhill: Busking - About Street Musicians

Amelia Cuni: The Disappearence of the Courtesans - Indian Dance and Music

Franz Koglmann: Viennese Sweet Schmaltz - Schrammel music from Vienna

Frank Wolff: Beautiful Old World

Robyn Schulkowsky: Drumming in the Night Air - About African Drumming

Colin Bass: Solitude and Lost Love - Music of Java

Christian Zehnder: Haunted by a Song

Sylvia Hallett: Music at the Pier

Kudsi Erguner: The Door to Paradise - Sufi Music

Stuart Brotman: Fiddler at Twilight - About Jewish Music

Andreas Koll: Reinventing tradition - Bavarian Folk Music

Simon Mayor: Holiday with a Mandolin

Adriana Hölszky: Archaic Modern Times - Music in Roumania

Teodoro Anzellotti: The Accordion as Cinderella

With the book comes a CD which provides the music in early recordings to illustrate the old photographs.24 tracks  from Spain to India and from Iraq to Austria recorded between 1910 and 1943.

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